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The next three or so weeks for me are probably going to be pretty crazy. I’m going to Florida next weekend (Disney World for Halloween! *squeaks and faints*) and will be there for about a week. I had hoped that I would be able to have the time/energy to continue to update until I went and then I got steamrollered over by an early cold and have kept a sleep schedule that resembles my cats rather than a humans. (I’ve been awake between five and seven hours most days this week.)

Plus, I’m working on some makeovers for the various people on Shadowcrest, despite someone’s assertion that it’s more or less pointless. Nothing hugely major, just different hair and in a couple cases I’ve decided that skintones or eye hues would be better changed, but we’re talking more or less cosmetic changes. Hopefully not much that will change the core of the sim in question.

Also, on the “Season” front, (Round, if you prefer.) I had intended for 24 episodes in the Season and then a short season break, rather like you get with TV. But I just have too much to cram in before the end of this Season (I already have the last episode planned out.) to fit it all into the eight episodes I have left. (Four weddings, an important romance, another pregnancy, and I’m still hoping for all six of the remaining ladies to make their appearances yet this season.)

Although I am still hoping to close this season out around the end of the year. (Might mean having to do two posts a week, but I doubt that anyone will complain about that. ;-) )

But, for those of you who are on the Keep. I am intending to use the next week before I go catching up on getting all of the downloads I’ve been hording up on the Keep. All the male clothes you’ve seen on the people in Shadowcrest, except Ren, whose tunic is already up. It was part of my SS gift to Ann. I had a recolor I made specifically for him, but I seem to have mislaid it and will have to find it again. Plus Kennedy’s dress and Raquel’s dresses, as well as the new, as yet unseen, dresses for Tiffany and Jolene. Heidi’s dress which is an age conversion of another SS gift to Ann. Plus I have a really bad outfit I made for Bors, if you’re an Albion reader you probably saw it in the post where the de Ganises meet the Ferreiras for dinner. And three hairstyles; two male retextures and the snood I made for Eva back in like late July/early August and had plum forgot I had it done.

Thanks for your patience, I hope it will be rewarded!

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One Response to [News] So it looks like

  1. Eva says:

    Yay, the snood!

    (Yes, I have been reading every week, just not commenting. Lazy Eva :P )

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