Two Sparrows In A Hurricane

She looks terrified. Jolene thought as Nessa made her way into the house. Jarrett and Olivia both looked at Nessa then at each other, Jarrett’s look of terror was understandable, Olivia’s look was–not. It was not understandable as whatever made up the pieces of it were not clear and it was not understandable why she looked that way.

“We were just about to send out a search party.” Olivia commented in a cheery voice that had nothing to do with whatever had been on her mind a moment before.


“Yeah, I mean even if it were just pushing Jolene out the door and saying ‘go find Nessa’, that’s still a search party, right?” The blonde woman put a bowl on the table and pushed a glass at Nessa. “You’d have thought somebody lit your new husband’s underoos on fire the way he was squirming around looking at the door every time someone shifted.” Olivia shook her head and grinned at Jarrett who was still staring at Nessa with his heart in his eyes.

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And the Life I’ve Made

Author’s note: This update and perhaps the rest of Season Two will originally be featured WITHOUT PICTURES. Sorry, guys, it’s just story. I have inspiration for writing, the shooting part is evading me. I may come back later and shoot the pictures for this, but I will, at least, finish the season in text form. Thanks!

Nessa paused and looked up at the sky for a long moment, it seemed exceptionally blue today, or maybe it was just her. She hadn’t noticed the color of the sky for a long time, probably since she’d left the circuit. No matter what color the sky was when she was with Mitch, it’d seemed gray. Since she’d come to Shadowcrest it seemed like she was to busy to really notice the color of the sky either.

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She’s A Fool

“So, how are you liking Shadowcrest so far?” Jennica asked her companion, trying not to stare through the–she thought–absolutely pointless window into the hallway.

“It gets me away from mater . I can put up with almost anything for that.” Vivianne told her with a snicker in her voice.

“One of those mothers?” Jennica smiled faintly. Either Igraine was a complete nightmare–or like most seventeen year olds, Vivianne exaggerated how terrible her mother was.

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One of Them Was Me

“…Tate?” Tate blinked guiltily as he heard the king calling his name from behind him. He’d been walking around in something of a daze and who knew how long his majesty had been trying to get his attention.

“Yes, your majesty?” He asked turning with a bow.

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What You Want

There was a chill bite to the air that said winter was fast approaching, the leaves painted bright, tumbling on the breeze. But the sun was still warm and honey-sweet, and Kennedy had nothing to occupy her afternoon. She could just lounge on the settee on the patio and watch her new husband rake up those leaves.

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[News] PLEASE READ: A Dangerous Pastime.

At what point do you have to reevaluate what’s going on with your story? When it starts feeling more like a chore than something you do for fun? When you realize that there are things you weren’t happy with to begin with and now, however long later, you’re still not happy with?

These are just a few of the thoughts that have been running through my head the past few days. This is NOT a preface for saying I’m going to stop writing Shadowcrest permanently!! I am taking a short break, but I will be back and so will the story. But there may be some changes on the horizon for it.

Shadowcrest is, when distilled down, a fish out of water story, set in a post (localized) apocalyptic setting. I think that it could work as a story if it were set in Ancient Rome or in the Twenty-third century (a la Star Trek) or any medium in between.

I’ve believed for a long time that the setting is the most important character you have in a story. But like all characters if it’s not working any more, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with tweaking a character or even, sometimes gutting a character.

Shadowcrest is one of the longest going stories I’ve ever written, not in terms of story length, even if you jammed every thing I’ve written so far into a novel, it would maybe crest a hundred pages, I’ve probably got nearly a dozen finished or unfinished manuscripts sitting on my harddrive that are longer than that. But in that a year in, its still going strong, still interesting, and I still want to know what happens with these characters, and if you’re here, every week reading this, you’re probably still interested in what happens with these characters.

But I truly believe that some changes need to be made. What sort of changes? I don’t know that yet. I’m taking some time to try and figure that out, just a couple of weeks, a normal hiatus for me.

What I can say is:

  • All of the characters will be back. (Including Alistair…) There may be some cosmetic changes, depending on what I decide. That is one of the things on the table. But even if I make Alistair wear a gorilla suit he’s still Alistair.
  • My plot outline, which is planned out through the end of Season Two, is staying intact, all of the salient points and plot arcs I have in the works are still greenlighted.
  • The soapy, trashy writing you’ve come to expect, plus my absolute obsession with sex-gone-wrong, will still be here.

What I can’t say is:

  • That Shadowcrest’s current setting will be staying as is. The medi-esque, faux-European time and place are the first things up on the chopping block.
  • The characters may or may not look exactly the same as regards costuming, hair, cosmetics, and even possibly some genetic changes. If I change the setting, the “look” I currently have for Shadowcrest may or may not make as much sense. However, I really want to stay true to the concept of the characters, so don’t expect to see Peyton all decked out in fluffy princess dresses with long Rapunzel hair.

But who knows. In a couple of weeks I may decide I like Shadowcrest as is and continue on unchanged.

Last thing: This is not a pity-post, I’m not looking for an ego-stroke, or a “Oh no, Andavri, we love Shadowcrest just as it is! Don’t change a thing!”. I just want to make you guys aware of what’s going through my mind and why I’m taking a bit of a break to figure things out.

When I know what’s going on with Shadowcrest, I’ll let you guys know what’s going on with Shadowcrest, thanks for reading, hopefully see you guys in a few weeks.


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So What?

It didn’t look like anyone was here yet. While part of Tiffany was glad for that, given that meant she’d be alone with time to think, the rest of her knew why that was. And in the privacy of her own head she could admit that she wasn’t thrilled.

It really was too bad that the inn was the last project she had for the year. With winter moving in, she’d have nothing to do until spring came around and quite honestly, she wasn’t the sort of person who was happy with enforced idleness. Maybe I should take up a hobby. She thought. Learn to paint, or weave fabric, or grow plants. Or maybe she’d spend the winter months planning new public works buildings.

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Don’t Let The Sun Catch You

Fox paused for a moment and looked hard at Jarrett. The other man didn’t seem to notice his presence, which wasn’t like him. If he’d been doing something like tending a skittish animal or something, perhaps, but never something like just raking leaves. That and he looked exhausted, dark circles under his eyes, his mouth drawn at the corners.

Was he ill? Fox wondered, a thrill of fear snaking its way up his spine. He had no idea why Jarrett needed to talk with him, just that he’d sent Zarah past the shop. And pressing her for details was useless, she had all the staid seriousness of a kitten chasing a butterfly. And like most young things, an obsessive interest in herself only caring about others where they abutted her and her own self-interest. Surely, though, surely Lady Kennedy could cure any illness?

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For the Night

“Livvie?” Olivia wouldn’t have thought she’d have fallen asleep so quickly after the evening she had. Worrying about your best friend, then coming home to find her not in her room–going into your other roommate’s room to ask if they’d seen her only to find them both naked in his bed–not exactly a lullaby and a warm glass of milk. But apparently she had dropped off fairly quickly.


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For The Briefest Moment

Nessa curled her legs up underneath her and glanced sideways at the sofa’s other occupant. The light from the fireplace caught in his hair, rendering it a halo of gold. His brown eyes, normally a soft sable were indistinguishable from his pupil. The scars softened by the firelight. She’d never sat like this with Mitch.

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