Don’t Stand So Close To Me

Really all that was left to be done was the moving in of furniture , most of which Blake hadn’t created yet, and the incidentals. Finishing up digging post holes for the garden fence, making sure all the doors and windows opened, hanging the shutters. This went so much quicker when you had some idea what you were doing. Tiffany shrugged, which apparently caught Kennedy’s attention.

“What?” The doctor asked.

“Oh, just thinking.” Kennedy’s eyebrow went up. “And no comments about burning off brain cells I can’t spare. I have one or two that I can still spare.”

“No, not really.” Kennedy disagreed.

“Kennedy! Are you implying I’m not smart?” Tiffany pouted at her. Kennedy snorted.

“No, I’m really not. It’s just there are so few brain cells to spare around here. If you burn yours off this early, what’ll you do when you finally have to marry someone who might be lacking them?” Kennedy said with mock seriousness, their serious nods of agreement lasted like two seconds before they both dissolved into giggles.

Even though Tiffany had known Kennedy just slightly more than a month, ever since she fell down the cosmic bunny hole and into this peculiar world, it seemed like they had known each other a lot longer, she felt like the best friend that Tiffany hadn’t had since the car crash killed Anna two years ago.

“It’s a good thing Jarrett knows how to thatch.” Tiffany commented, trying to pull herself back onto her final house inspection.

“Why? Don’t they teach you how to do that in Architect school?” Tiffany looked at the other woman trying to gauge her seriousness. “No.”

“Why not?”

“Do they teach you how apply leeches in medical school?”

“…Touché. No, no they don’t.” Kennedy said. She shrugged.

“Speaking of Jarrett, did you really have to spank him?” Tiffany asked curiously.

“I told him if he didn’t take care of that arm, I was going to. Threats only work if people know you’re serious about going through with them. So now the next time I tell one of those guys that they need to take it easy or I’ll spank ‘em, they’ll take it easy.”

“Well, maybe not Emanuel. I think he would like it if you spanked him.” Kennedy swatted her on the arm.

“Will you quit trying to throw us into bed together?” A scowl crossed the other woman’s face.

“Maybe.” Tiffany peered at the porch as if trying to see if it were level.

“Maybe?” Kennedy prompted.

“Yeah, when the two of you either a) stop trying to light the thatch on fire with copious amounts of chemistry or b) fall into bed together of your own volition.”

“Go to hell, Tiff.” Kennedy said. “Emanuel has a lot of issues and this isn’t like back home was, there aren’t plenty of fish in this sea.” The gate opened, spilling Sawyer into the yard.

“Sorry I’m late, Lady Kennedy, Lady Tiffany.” The young man had a flushed face and sweat beaded at his temples. Kennedy opened her mouth as if to scold him about running in the heat, and Tiffany elbowed her.

“It’s quite alright, Sawyer, no harm done. We’re almost finished anyway. Jarrett, I see, decided to stay home? Or did he just not feel like running to keep up with you.”

“Nah, he thought it best to stay home considering Alistair’s trying to cook some fish for supper.”

“Now, that’s a scary thought.” Kennedy said. “I expect he’ll be along shortly to be treated for burns.”

“Besides, after Lady Kennedy took him over her knee…” Sawyer grinned. “That’ll be one to tell my kids.”

“I did warn him.” The doctor demurred. Sawyer’s grin expanded a notch before fading and his face flushing. Tiffany started to ask if something was wrong when the young minstrel looked at the ground and kicked at a clump of grass. “Is-is Lady Jolene here?”

“Yeah, I think she and Heidi are out back, finishing the fence by the garden.” Tiffany said, hiding a smirk. Sawyer flushed deeper.

“I should go see if they need any help. Lady Kennedy, Lady Tiffany.” He bowed and ran off.

“She is going to kill you, Tiff.” Kennedy told her as soon as the teenager was out of easy earshot.

“Who am I to stand in the way of Twue Wuv?” Tiffany batted her lashes. “I have never in my life seen a guy fall that hard.”

“Well, something’s hard alright. But I’m not sure it’s the fall.” Kennedy smirked. Tiffany stuck her tongue out at Kennedy. Dratted cynic.

“C’mon, Kennedy, admit it, they’re adorable together.”

“I will not deny that they are.” Kennedy said. “But you know how Jolene feels about this.”

“She doesn’t have any problem with that.” Tiffany gestured over her shoulder at Blake, the young carpenter had just said something to Raquel, one of their fellow imports, and the younger girl was blushed scarlet from it.

“That, to Jolene’s mind, is a college kid with a pretty girl. Which is a lot different than Sawyer, who is still a kid, and herself, who definitely is not.” Kennedy told her.

“Jolene wants me to tell you that if she finds out which one of you did that, she’s putting something in your coffee.” Heidi called coming from around the house.

“It was Tiff.” Kennedy said.

“Rat.” Tiffany said before they both dissolved into laughter. “So how was that going?”

“Our young Romeo was comparing Jolene’s eyes to some body of water we haven’t heard of.” Heidi giggled.

“So how was Juliet taking it?” Tiffany asked.

“Well, there certainly wasn’t a speech about a rose by any other name. I am sooo disappointed.” Heidi said. “They’re adorable together.”

“I told you.”

“What’s up, now?” Raquel asked coming over to the group under the tree.

“Oh, Tiff sent Sawyer after Jolene and Jolene sent Heidi to tell Tiff she’s putting something in her coffee.”

“I hate you, Tiffany!” Jolene called from near the corner of the house.

“Wait, how’d you know it was me?” Tiffany asked innocently, placing a hand over her chest and looking injured.

“Kennedy wouldn’t do that to me!” Jolene scowled.

“Do what to you, Lady Jolene?” Sawyer asked, his eyes looking at her with puppy-like longing they could see even from that distance. Jolene sighed and shook her head.

“Never mind, Sawyer.” He sighed happily and stopped to watch her walk away. It was Kennedy’s turn to elbow Tiffany as she felt a giggle bubble up in her throat.

After assuring Blake that the house was all his, they left for the barn. Even if this wasn’t what Tiffany would have chosen for herself, privately, she admitted that maybe falling down the bunny hole wasn’t so bad after all. Of course that might change when Jolene found her coffee mug tomorrow morning…

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8 Responses to Don’t Stand So Close To Me

  1. Morgaine2005 says:

    Sawyer and Jolene, sittin’ in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G … O:)

    Those two are awfully cute, though. Actually, all the girls are cute. It’s great that they’re all getting along so well, or at least Tiffany and Kennedy seem to be. I wonder how the ladies are going to react when they start getting paired off (assuming that happens) and the men start wanting to reinforce social strata? Something tells me that may not work so well.

    Also, leeches? Why is Kennedy bothering with that? Is it a placebo effect sort of thing?

    Lastly, Kennedy spanking Jarrett — LOL!! Jarrett seems like a real sweetheart, that was probably the shock of his life! But at least he’ll take her advice seriously now.

    … Now let’s hope that Sawyer doesn’t get any ideas from that with Jolene … ;)

    • Andavri says:

      Lol! I’m glad Jolene can’t hear you doing that! She’d probably put something in your coffee too. :-P I don’t, however, think that Sawyer’s all that into being spanked… At least I hope not!

      I think that at least for this generation the social strata is going to be a little loose and free. If nothing else, even once people get married, Tiffany and Kennedy are going to be from a time and place where they were allowed to be friends with anyone they want to be friends with. I don’t see them having a whole lot of patience with being told they can’t be friends with someone, even if they are in a different class.

      Kennedy isn’t bothering with leeches. Tiffany was more pointing out that a leech has about as much place in modern medicine as thatch does in the architecture that she studied.

      Well, it did surprise Jarrett more than a little. I think he is a sweetheart, too. But not the best at taking care of himself. But yes, now he knows she’s not one for idle threats. (And don’t worry, Sawyer’s not laughing about it to Jarrett’s face.)

  2. jm.chandler says:

    Those are some pretty sims you have there. :) I can’t get over how cute Sawyer’s crush is. Ahh… to be young and in lurve. Hehe! I really like how Tiffany and Kennedy interact with each other. It’s good to see that they are all taking their abductions so well and completely turning a world that’s been turned upside down by the plague completely upside down in a totally different way. LMAO! At Kennedy spanking Jarrett. I feel bad for him, but that will teach him to listen to doctor’s orders. Jarrett reminds me a little bit of my dad and *whispers* maybe a little bit of me too… heck most of my friends; stubborn. I had to giggle about the coffee mug too. I wonder what Jolene would put in it? Hrmmm…?

    • Andavri says:

      I had to do one hopelessly unrequited crush, they’re so much fun! Even if Kennedy is cynical about it.

      I think these two are just too practical and down to earth to bemoan that they were brought here. In fact I think both of them will, eventually, appreciate the chance to start over. But yeah, they are kinda turning Shadowcrest on it’s ear, but it kinda needs it.

      I am really glad that you-all liked Jarrett’s getting spanked. It was pretty funny, but she did warn him!

      As for what she put in the coffee. Nothing good, but nothing too malicious, Jolene wouldn’t put anything in there that would be poisonous or anything. Kennedy’d just have to figure out how to treat it.

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    • Andavri says:

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