When I Grow Up

Author’s Note: Season two does not seamlessly match up with Season one. To spare a long winded “why” assume as we go into S2 that about six weeks has passed and both Peyton/Ren and Victoria/Camden have gotten married. Also the town may look a little different.

“Ah, my first guest!” Sawyer said from the porch of his, his! new house. Never in all of his years of basically being a street rat did he think that at seventeen he would have a house of his very own. Or mostly, he’d be spending the next year at least taking over some of the most distasteful jobs for Fox, Ren, and Blake in trade for the materials to furnish the house, but more than likely he’d have been doing that anyway. It was his and that meant no more stepping to someone else’s rules or having to act like servant to a stuck-up brat of a nobleman while he sneered down his long pale nose.

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[News] So my end of the season hiatus is coming early.

I had intended to do two more episodes this season, I wanted to get them shot today so that I could post one tonight and one Saturday afternoon and thus have it out of the way before the end of the year and could spend my simming time between now and the fifth of January working on townies, shops, hair and clothes.

But for some reason I’m getting a graphics glitch in Shadowcrest. My bumpmaps aren’t working and I’m getting a weird transparency issue too. It might be as simple as a piece of CC that’s got a conflict or it could just be that it’s been April since I had to reinstall sims and that’s apparently too long.

I’m afraid shooting around it will bug me way too much to focus on shooting, so unless it is a really quick fix, I’m thinking this will be my hiatus and I will focus first on figuring out what went wrong, and then get to work on all of the other stuff I was planning for. Sorry. I was looking forward to finishing out the season and I hope you guys were looking forward to reading it.

Thanks for your understanding. See you the fifth if not earlier!

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It Is Now

“I still can’t believe how bright the stars are here.” Victoria said her fingers running through the grass. Somewhere up there her grandmother was shrieking about the likelihood of grass stains.

“Why’s that?” Camden asked as they laid back on the grass, starring up at the sky.

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These Days

“When I said that I wanted you to come over and help me with that pasture fence, Sawyer, I didn’t mean you couldn’t eat breakfast first. Especially as we may not even get out to do it, if it doesn’t stop thundering.” Jarrett said to Sawyer. “We haven’t even eaten yet, and I know we’re up before M’lord ever deems to step a foot out of bed.”

“Oh, am I in time for breakfast?” The teenager sounded hopeful.

“Aye, but…” Nessa couldn’t help but chuckle.

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I’ve Got My Angel Now

“There must be something in the water ’round here.” Peyton commented, tipping her face up slightly to enjoy the warm sun, after the better part of ten days of cold, cold rain it was nice to have sun again. Well, they’d had sun yesterday but it wasn’t a day for taking walks, it was a day for waiting for the mud to solidify up a little.

“Um, what sort of something?” Ren asked, his brown eyes puzzled.

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All I Want Is You

“Is it sad how much I want to squee?” Jolene asked Heidi.

“Over the fact that I’m getting married–or over the fact that I’ll be moving out and you’ll have more closet space?” Heidi teased.

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Come A Little Closer

“What are we doing here?” Heidi asked. Here was a break in the trees before the land evened out into cleared pasture and farmland, a brisk walk from the city gates. There was nothing, from her vantage point that would point to why they were here.

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Today I Met

“One, two, three, four, five.” As this was the seventh time in two pages Dolph had uttered this particular set of numbers, Camden looked up from his page. “What are you doing?”

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When You Dream

Nessa wouldn’t be surprised if she soon looked down at the floor and found herself walking in a trench. It was just that the king had told her that he’d be by, today–this morning–sometime with Master Jarrett. Oooh. She pressed a hand against her stomach and waited for the ache to pass. She tried to tell herself that Sawyer adored Jarrett, and she could tell that darn near everyone was fond of him. Well, Lord Gray didn’t seem that impressed, but if Lord Gray could tell his ass from his elbow it was probably sheer coincidence.

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Underneath It All

It was perfect, absolutely perfect. Castles had always loomed high in her mind, probably since the first time that she saw Cinderella. Other girls saw the princesses in the Disney movies and thought “I’m gonna marry a prince someday.” She’d seen the tall white spires of the castle in the opening scenes of the movie and thought “I’m gonna build a castle someday.”

Then sometime around Junior high she realized that there weren’t a lot of homeless royalty out there commissioning castles, so she’d put the dream aside, but it had never really died. Okay so she wasn’t really going to be building it. And it wasn’t exactly Cinderella’s with all the spires and happy Neuschwanstein nonsense, ala Disney, but in some ways this was better. This was a real castle.

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